JCS Meats and Provisions
Quality Meats and Cheese at Great Prices

Quality Meats at Great Prices

Fresh Chicken Fillet, Skin On, £4.50 kg 

Fresh Rind on Pork Loin Chops, English,  £4.00 kg

Fresh Pork Loin Steaks, rindless, 6 for £5.00

Fresh Premium  Topside Beef, £10.00 kg

Fresh Pork Shoulder, boned and rolled, £5.50 kg

Fresh Free Range Eggs, £1.40 for 6

                                            £2.50 for 12

                                            £6.50 for 30

Fresh English Barnsley Chops £9.50 kg

Fresh English Lamb Boneless Rump Steaks, £9.99 kg

Fresh English Lamb Leg, on the bone, £10.50 kg

Fresh English Lamb Shoulder, on the bone, £7.50 kg

Fresh Turkey Butterfly £9.90 kg

Prime Sirloin Steak, English,  cut to size, £18.00 kg

Prime Rump Steak, English,  cut to size, £13.50 kg

Fresh Welfare Assured Norfolk Chicken £4.50 kg

Oxtail £6.50 kg

Belly Pork £5.50 kg

95% lean Fresh Beef Mince £6.50 kg

Diced Beef Chuck Steak £7.50 kg

Vintage Somerset Cheddar £4.50 pack

Award Winning Snowdonia Cheese Range, £4.50 Each or 3 for £12.00 (200 g truckles)

Locally Produced Sussex Charmer Cheese, £3.70 each (200 g cubes)

All Prices are Subject to Change.



Further products will be added as the business grows.